Asher Sizemore

Six Graces (2020)

PRIMAVERA I the wind

from the composer 

Six Graces was written for Matt Haimovitz, with his unique musicality and wide range of genres in mind. This piece was created as an interpretation and exploration of Sandro Botticelli’s iconic Primavera as well as Charline von Heyl’s modern-day re-imagination of it. In studying Boticelli’s painting, my attention was drawn to the three dancing Graces, as well as the darker, more obscure characters which mirror them in von Heyl’s painting. I sought to portray the interaction of the characters in both paintings by creating dense, ethereal textures. This is achieved through extended techniques such as plucking the string with the left hand, playing with a scratchy bow tone, and notes that waiver in their tuning.


Asher Sizemore is a composer based in Chicago, Illinois. She completed a bachelor’s degree in music composition at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, studying under composers Mark Engebretson, Alejandro Rutty, and Lisa Bielawa. Asher’s music draws on her musical beginnings writing and performing with rock bands. Her goal as a composer is to write music that bridges the divide between contemporary classical and popular music traditions. Her music is designed to engage with audiences both in and outside the concert hall. Asher’s compositions and arrangements have been played by performers such as the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, the Red Clay Saxophone Quartet, and Matt Haimovitz. In addition to her composition focus, Asher is an accomplished cellist. She has studied under Alexander Ezerman at UNCG and participated in a masterclass with world-renowned cellist Lynn Harrell. She often works with emerging composers and is committed to aiding the creation and performance of new music.