Gabriella Smith

bare (2020)

PRIMAVERA I the wind

from the composer

bare is inspired by the seasons—not the archetypical seasons or the seasons I grew up with, but the new seasons of my home state of California: cycles of ever intensifying drought and fire—and the landscape that is left behind. 


Gabriella Smith is a composer and environmentalist. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area playing and writing music, hiking, backpacking, and volunteering on a songbird research project. Whether for orchestras, chamber ensembles, voices, or electronics, Gabriella’s music comes from a love of play, exploring new sounds on instruments, building compelling musical arcs, and connecting listeners with the natural world. Recent highlights include the LA Phil’s performances of Tumblebird Contrails, conducted by John Adams; and the Aizuri Quartet’s recording of Carrot Revolution on their Grammy-nominated debut album Blueprinting. She recently recorded her first full-length album, Lost Coast, with cellist Gabriel Cabezas at Greenhouse Studios in Iceland, to be released in 2021 on Bedroom Community.