Jorge Sosa

Reimagined Spring (2020)

PRIMAVERA I the wind

from the composer 

Reimagined Spring was written in 2020, during the global pandemic. I wanted to write a work that reflected on the promise of hope that comes with the change of seasons: a reflection on the thawing process, as we gradually come out of the bitter cold winter and awake into a new season of rebirth. For me, the pandemic is symbolized by the long, cold process of hibernation during a prolonged winter. Reimagined Spring looks ahead to the gradual reopening, as we gain our lives back, and start to work on building a “new normality” that is more just and equitable. Spring slowly gains terrain over winter, achieving small victories, asserting itself one flower a time, one bird song at a time, one color at a time, until the cold bitterness of winter is nothing but a faint memory. 

When Matt Haimovitz approached me with the idea to write a new work for him, I was beyond thrilled to be able to create a piece for such an amazing soloist. I knew immediately that I wanted to write something lyrical that could showcase his beautiful tone and sense of lyricism. I took as a point of departure the painting by Charline von Heyl, where she re-imagines the Primavera by Botticelli. She uses the same construction as the Botticelli, but distorts the images to create a stunning new work. I wanted my piece to reflect on that derivative process, so I decided to use Vivaldi’s “Spring” from The Seasons as a point of departure. The result is a piece that is referential to Vivaldi, Botticelli, and Charline Von Heyl, and continues a dialogue of shared experiences and reflections on the passing of seasons, and their connection to the longer cycles of life. 


Jorge Sosa is a Mexican-born composer, and sound artist currently residing in New York. Jorge has worked in a wide range of styles and media, covering everything from electronic music to opera, with an eclectic mix of styles and influences that converge to shape an original and personal voice. In Jorge’s music, you will find traces of folk and traditional music from around the globe, chant, and polyphonic vocal repertoire, Afro-Latin rhythms, Jazz harmonies, and electronic music. In Jorge’s music you can often find a purposeful use of extended techniques, and a colorful palette of textures, and effects that interact with atomic motives and pounding rhythms. The juxtaposition of noise and lyrical melodies make for a music that is both forward-looking and rooted in tradition.  

Opera News described his telematic opera “Alice in the Pandemic” as “wildly imaginative, musically powerful and technically courageous” and commended “Sosa’s broad stylistic palette (which) incorporated lyrical impassioned melodies, kooky carnival music, and efficient recitative”. The Music Blog “I Care if You Listen” described Sosa’s opera “I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams” as “well-balanced to the story’s narrative, and his vocal writing aroused strong emotional peaks and valleys, magnified by the characters’ impassioned performances”. ICON Magazine described Sosa’s work “Enchantment” for Tárogató and Electronics as Eerie, haunting, dreamlike, at times nightmarish—and highly recommended.” Jorge is currently an Associate Professor at Molloy College.